Hino Trucks in Australia

Hino in Australia

Hino has been marketing trucks in Australia since the early 1970’s. Hino were distributed in Australia originally by Thiess Bros  and the distribution was later taken over by Toyota. As Hino was an unknown make in Australia he very first  trucks sold in Australia carried the “TOYOTA” badge on the front panel.

The first Hino models sold in Australia were the KLA with an EC100 engine and the KR with the EH100 engine. Hino Australia’s website is available here.

Hino Global History

Hino Motors Ltd origins lie in the Japanese gas and electric industries of Japan in the early Twentieth Century.

In 1917 Tokyo Gas and Electric Co. extended  their business into the automotive sector by producing a truck called the TGE A type. Later in 1937 Tokyo Gas and Electric Co formed, together with Automobile Industry Co. Ltd. and Kyodo Kokusan K.K. a new company called Tokyo Automobile Industry Co. Ltd. This company changed its name to Diesel Motor Industry Co. Ltd  in 1941 and in 1942 Hino Heavy Industry Co. Ltd was formed from this company.

In 1949 the remainder of this company was renamed Isuzu Motors. The name Hino comes from the name of the area in Tokyo where its offices are located.

During World War Two the company produced military vehicles, for the Japanese Army, and marine diesel engines. After the war the company name was changed to Hino Industry Co. Ltd. Hino again, in 1948, changed its name. This time to Hino Diesel Industry Co. Ltd.

The TH10 model truck with the 7 litre DS10 engine was released in 1950. This truck had a carrying capacity of 8,000kg, a heavier carrying capacity than any other truck manufactured in Japan at that time.

Renault cars were  manufactured by Hino under  license from from 1953 to 1967. Car manufacture ceased when Hino Diesel Industry Co. Ltd. became part of the Toyota Group. Hino fully merged with the Toyota Motor Group in 1982

Hino Motors Ltd. first overseas assembly plant was opened in 1964 in Thailand. They now  have assembly plants in numerous countries including Canada, Columbia, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia and the United States. Hino’s global website is available here.


Hino Diesel Engines

Hino Diesel Engines.

In its over 45 years in Australia Hino has used a large range of Hino engines.

Hino Truck Engines in Australia, Engines used range from 4000cc 4-cylinder engines up to 6-cylinder engines with a displacement of 12900cc and an output of 490hp.



Hino Engine Rebuild Specifications

On the following link there is a comprehensive of specifications, torque settings and clearances, for use in the rebuilding and reconditioning of Hino diesel engines.


HINO Rally Truck